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Study Shows Dietary Supplements Cannot Avert Depression

Daily consumption of dietary supplements would not aid in avoiding the onset of depression, a recent study has revealed. As an alternative, regular lifestyle coaching can aid people in improving their diets and the eating behavior might provide a more efficient method for people to avert major depressive disorder. The research was published in the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). A group of researchers, counting Professor Ed Watkins from the UOE (University of Exeter), has carried an essential new study into whether dietary supplements obtainable can play an important role in avoiding clinical depression. Undergoing depression mostly goes hand in hand with being overweight.

The study—called as “The MoodFood trial”—correlated various lifestyle and nutritional strategies that might transform mood and health in people who were heavy and defined as BMI (body mass index) more than 25. Over 1,000 obese or overweight participants from the Netherlands, the U.K., Spain, and Germany, who were recognized as being at high risk for depression—but who were not depressed—participated in the study. The participants were analyzed for 1 Year. Half of the research group got nutritional supplements daily, whereas, the other half received a placebo. The study discovered that the supplements—which had vitamin D, folic acid, zinc, omega-3 fish oils, and selenium—functioned no better than the placebos in aiding participants to avoid depression over 1 Year.

Speaking of dietary function in depression, recently, a study showed that if one intends to improve mood, then they should ditch the junk food. Across the globe, over 300 Million people have depression. Without helpful treatment, the state can make it tough to work and continue relationships with friends and family. Depression can lead to difficulty in concentrating, sleep problems and a lack of curiosity in activities that are frequently pleasurable. And at the most extreme stage, it can cause suicide.

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