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Google Chrome Bfcache Execution To Make Back-And-Forth Navigation Quicker

Google is ready to make backward and forward navigation quicker on its Chrome browser by analyzing a new forward/backward cache feature known as bfcache. This new development’s aim is to make the experience quicker particularly when you revisit a site by utilizing the Chrome browser’s forward or back button. Google approximates that the new change would enhance performance up to 19% of all navigation occurring on the mobile Chrome. Remarkably, Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari already have analogous back-forward cache implementations. However, the Chrome maker asserts that it isn’t utilizing the ordinary WebKit’s execution of bfcache.

Google’s Chrome, with bfcache, will be capable of caching all the material of the webpages one visits, comprising their JavaScript. This would function alongside the browser’s prevailing caching feature that fundamentally translates the HTML resource of webpages. Eventually, the new implementation is focused to reinstate the full status of the webpages when one steers back.

In an update post, Addy Osmani, Engineering Manager of Web Developer Relations at Google, stated that the experience via the bfcache execution will be like “stopping a page when one exits it and playing it when they come back.” This arrives as an addition to assist users to save some time as Chrome won’t entirely reload an earlier visited webpage.

Have mentioned that, this new inclusion is not going to enhance the loading pace of Chrome overall. The modification through bfcache can be only observed when a user clicks either the forward or back navigation button on the web browser.

Likewise, Google recently also launched 14 official themes for its Google Chrome web browser. The 14 colored themes—Slate, Just Black, Ultra Violet, Oceanic, Banana, Classic Blue, Honeysuckle, Black & White, Serenity, Rose, Marsala, Sea Foam, Pretty in Pink, and High Contrast Colorful—are basic in design and provide diverse color schemes.

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