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US Might Soon Terminate Mass Phone Surveillance Program

The Government of US may end the controversial NSA phone surveillance initiative by the end of 2019 that Edward Snowden disclosed. Luke Murry (Republican congressional national security adviser) disclosed at the time of a Lawfare podcast that Congress may not renew the USA Freedom Act, which approves agency’s call data bulk gathering, when it expires in 2019. He also claimed that the NSA has not even been employing the system for the last 6 Months, putting into question the organization’s earlier claim that collection of data is essential to national security.

In his statement, Murry appears to highlight that the technical abnormalities that the NSA gone though in 2018 began its predicament. As per the media, those technical issues infected the database of the agency with data it had no authority to gather. Officials were obliged to purge millions of text logs and call it got from phone firms consequently.

On a related note, researchers have designed the first ultrasound-firewall that can avoid attackers from snooping on hidden information transmission between mobile devices and smartphones. The stable networking of mobile gadgets can jeopardize the privacy of consumers and result in new kinds of monitoring. New techs such as Silverpush and Google Nearby employ ultrasonic sounds to exchange data between gadgets via microphones and loudspeakers.

A number of our gadgets communicate through this muffled communication channel. Ultrasonic communication permits the gadgets to be connected and the data to be transferred. It also makes it achievable to track consumers and their behavior over a number of gadgets, similar to cookies on the Internet. Almost each gadget with a loudspeaker and a microphone can receive & send ultrasonic sounds. Consumers are normally not aware of this hidden or inaudible transmission of data.

Scientists from Austria at St Polten University of Applied Sciences have designed a mobile app that spots acoustic cookies, let the user know of them, and if desired, jams the tracking.

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