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Patent For Flying Robotic Speakers Filed By Harman

Picture you are employing a VR headset and as a car passes by, you hear it whip from right to left. Only the sound accurately shifts from right to left since it is arriving from a robotic speaker that roams all over the room. From the looks of a new copyright, Harman (the audio company) is visioning up speakers that might just perform this.

The US Patent Office rewarded Harman a copyright for a “virtual reality environments’ mobile speaker system.” (As you might recall, Harman is the firm Samsung purchased in 2017 for $8 Billion.) As per the copyright, the firm might map VR soundscapes to robotic devices, which might either fly or drive to better represent the direction, distance, and movement of sounds. Nowadays, most VR headsets depend on headphones to generate 3D audio that only offers the delusion of a sound’s movement or location. Harman would not do away with headphones in general.

On a related note, earlier Samsung displayed its forthcoming Bixby assistant-fueled in New York speakers at its international Unpacked event. Dubbed as Samsung Galaxy Home, it is the firm’s first Bixby-fueled device. The speaker is the company’s response to HomePod of its nemesis Apple. The new device has a design akin to that of Apple HomePod but with a broader lower half in addition to 3 spiked stands. The speaker has a fabric coated design with a smooth top that also comprise audio control buttons to manage the playback of the music.

The whole package has a built-in subwoofer and 6 speakers, all fueled by AKG (company’s audio accessory partner). The Galaxy Home is also claimed to comprise as many as 8 far-field microphones to recognize voice instructions comprising “Hi Bixby.” The artificial intelligence works in the same manner as it does in its handsets.

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