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Did NASA Image An Alien UFO On Mars? Signifying Life On Mars

Mars is currently being explored for evidence regarding any other life forms survival on the planet. The fact about alien life thriving on the planet is currently being scrutinized for facts. The researchers are training the telescopes to look for slightest of the clues on the Red Planet; however it is not enough and thus, the scientists are taking the help of the  Curiosity Rover which is the sole spacecraft of the US space agency NASA exploring Mars after Opportunity’s death. The complex exploration of the Martian surface can help discover any alien forms harbouring the planet. The alien UFO on the Mars is the intrigue the scientists are wanting to solve and find conclusive proof for. Many of Curiosity’s images show the presence of UFO is mindboggling the scientists for quite some time.

According to UFO hunter Scott C Waring, the latest news is the presence of a unique shaped stack behind the spacecraft’s photo. He believes that the new image is foolproof evidence for the fact that there are extraterrestrial life forms that visit Mars. The thorough inspection of the Martian surface showed the presence of crashed disk which also another proof directing towards other life forms thriving and touring the Solar System. The study of the disk depicted it to be half visible while the rest of the 30% buried deep down into the surface giving an approximate evaluation of 40 Meters in size of the UFO.

The current narrow disk shows total resemblance to the ancient Aztec and Mayan wreck found in South America. The spacecraft’s rear camera captured images could be crucial evidence and it is definite that the UFO was directed somewhere else in the space but accidentally landed on Mars. The closer look of the disk and any such future UFO sites will add on more proof so as to help discover life on Mars. The space agency is hoping to find single-celled life rather an entire intelligent life form. As water is the source of life it is being investigated that if Mars had water then there could definitely be life forms there. The scientists are eagerly waiting for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope by 2021 that could help look for extraterrestrial life, Solar Systems’ evolution that has helped support life on Earth, and primary luminous glow of the Big Bang. The telescope’s complex machinery and technology are believed to unravel a lot of information.

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