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AWS To Open Novel Infrastructure Site In Colombia

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a part of Inc, disclosed this week its plans to open a Latin America infrastructure site in Colombia. The firm is supposed to assist train about 2,000 learners in cloud technology. In a government statement, Jeffrey Kratz, General Public Sector Manager for Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada, AWS, proclaimed that the firm is supposed to join forces with Colombia’s public technical education institute to train students in cloud computing.

The firm’s so-called Edge site, the 4th in Latin America, will assist end-users to deliver data, applications, and videos at superior speeds. In Bogota technology conference, Kratz proclaimed that Amazon wants to back the expansion of digital infrastructure and assist entrepreneurs to create major projects. He stated that the firm will maintain to spend in Colombia. However, he did not offer additional details.

On a similar note, Amazon came into the news as it disclosed that it is now letting firms create voice skills intended for use in the office with the introduction of Alexa for Business. Members can employ one of the various blueprints to form their personal voice-activated commands on Alexa. The uniqueness of this system is that they do not need to write code for this purpose. However, these voice apps are supposed to be accessible to staff members of the specific organization only and can’t be used on any devices outside the firm.

The blueprints include numerous questions employees frequently bug IT or HR desks about. It includes questions such as “When does open enrollment start?” “What’s the guest Wi-Fi password,” and “How do I set up email on my phone?” Other Alexa for Business blueprints holds an ability to assist with onboarding new staff members, answer general questions, and broadcast pre-recorded messages. The introduction of Alexa for Business is the latest attempt by Amazon to allow users to modify Alexa to fit their own needs.

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