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In Norway, Electric Cars Have Made A Record 60% Of Sales For March

In Norway, electric vehicles have now become a standard when it comes to the sale of a new car and in March, it accounts for 58 percent of all car sales. As per the Norwegian Information Council for Road Traffic, the mass market Model 3 of Tesla was specifically popular and it accounts for almost 30 percent of the sales of a new passenger vehicle.

The numbers reveal Norway’s aspiration to move away from the vehicles that use fossil-fuel and this can be achieved with the help from profitable government incentives for owners of electric vehicles. As per the OFV, largely in Norway, last month, 18,375 new passenger cars were recorded. Out of 18,375 new vehicles, 10,732 were regarded with zero emission, which is a huge gain of almost 100 percent, when compared to the previous data and almost all of those new vehicles are electric. In March, the car buyers in Norway have listed Tesla Model 3 sedans which are more than 5,300 in count and hence a record for Tesla in one month. No other carmaker had more than 10 percent of sales, in just a month. In addition to this, the new hybrid cars have a total sold count of 3,469 which reflects a 10 percent decline from March 2018.

According to Reuters reports, Last year, the car sales of the fully electric models in Norway have hiked to the highest 31.2 percent market share, which was just 20.8 percent in 2017. The numbers are distant ahead of any other country, and consumers had to be patient as manufacturers struggled to match with the demand.Norway is in a very good position to lessen the emission of carbon by a changeover to electric vehicles. According to the government of Norway, for one thing, it pulls almost all of its electricity from hydroelectric power plant’s network. When compared with the electricity powered by coal or natural gas, the hydroelectric power is way cleaner.

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