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UK Readies For A Brexit That May Eventually Not Happen At All

If the existing nations in European Union do not agree to delay the Brexit process further, the country will have to go for a no- deal Brexit. 27 European Union leaders need to consent to delay the Brexit for Britain. The decision will be taken on Friday.

For this reason British citizens have started piling medicine and toiletries in their home. Pasta, canned tomatoes, cleaning goods, multi- vitamins and protein nuts are also in the list. The citizens are preparing for a no- deal Brexit.

A no- deal Brexit for Britain will mean it will have no International trade agreement in hand when it will leave the European Union. This will delay export and import of goods, food and medicine. For this reason, British residents are scared that the necessary commodities available in the market might go out of shelves.

While some of the Brexit supporters (some of whom are also members of Theresa May’s ministry) feel that no- deal Brexit will never happen, the government has kept aside £4.2 billion to help the country in case it happens.

Lord Kerslake, ex- head of civil service informed that is the largest crisis for the country which happened even when there is no war.

If there is a no- deal Brexit the nation can face challenges such as UK produces just 50% of the food which it consumes. 30% of the food comes from EU. So in case of no-deal there will be delay at the borders and thus the supply will be less as compared to the demand. So people are stockpiling.

Also, medical warehouse in Belgium has thousand of medical packages waiting to be shipped to UK in case there is a no- deal Brexit. UK government has made new routes to get the medical supplies in case of a no- deal.

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