US H1B Visa Limits For 2020 Reached In Just 5 Days


US H1B visa is one of the most sought after visa permits in the world. This is a work permit for foreign professionals like Indians. This Visa allows US organizations to engage foreign professionals who have special skills. The IT companies are especially dependent on the foreign countries like China and India to get technical experts.

US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) informed on Friday that it has received enough such applications to be checked and approved. USCIS has the sole right in the country to approve VISA for foreign nationals who want to work in United States of America. The maximum number of applications has been reached, which is 65000 for 2020. The fiscal year for the country will begin on October 1, 2019. The agency started receiving applications for this year from April 1, 2019. The agency did not disclose how many applications it has received by Friday. The country has a master cap of 20000 H-1B Visa and USCIS is now supposed to check if this limit has been reached.

They have also informed that the Visa fees of all unselected candidates will be returned. There is still no prohibition for multiple applications for the Visa. There is an exemption to this process; they are the ones who were counted against this capping previously and still have their cap number.

The agency also did not reveal if it is going to depend on computerized lottery system to select the candidates. This process has been followed from past few years. In 2018, USCIS had received 190,000 cap subjected H-1B applications. The number of applications stood at 236000 in 2017; 232972 in 2016 and 172581 petitions in 2015.

This is the first petition from the country after new rules were implemented. According to the new regulations, one must be a post-graduate from any US academic organization.

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