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Alexa-Enabled Devices From Amazon For Sensitive Medical Data

New healthcare skills from Amazon are launched to provide customers with access to sensitive healthcare services that are HIPAA compliant.

Just ask Alexa and you can manage your healthcare needs from the comforts of your home, says Inc.

With the voice assistant, better access is provided for healthcare from Amazon. You can check the status of your home delivery prescription using Alexa. Even notifications regarding the shipped prescription orders can be easily accessed.

Alexa is the artificial-intelligence assistant that helps to track consumer prescriptions. It uses technology to transform the health information of a person as it handles all sensitive medical data relating to its users.

The voice assistant will help customer’s to handle all types of medical assistance, such as getting a medical appointment, getting access to post-discharge instructions from hospitals, check up on the prescription delivery status, and many other such services. Alexa Skills Kit helps to receive and transmit your healthcare information.

Healthcare skills newly launched are Express Scripts and Cigna Health today. Other services like Swedish Health Connect and My Children’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery help patient better, while Livongo and Atrium Health have also been launched. A HIPAA eligible environment is provided by Amazon to help Alexa developers in the US on an invitation basis. Soon customers can expect other skills that will be transmitting important health data using the virtual assistant.

Amazon has been interested in promoting healthcare and is using voice assistance as a major step in this direction. It has been developing its business in online pharmacy through PillPack. It has also teamed up with JPMorgan Chase to keep down healthcare expenses for its employees.

Very soon Alexa will become an indispensable assistant to medical institutions to access their services. Pharmacy benefit managers and digital health companies are operating in a HIPAA-eligible environment. Secure access to private medical information of customers is the need of the hour.

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