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Apple Attempts To Mark Its Footprints In Credit Card Sector

Apple has launched its own credit card and the tech giant says that its card has the capabilities which no other cards in the industry hold. From the perspective of physical appearance, the card looks altogether different from the traditional credit cards. We normally see a long 12 digit number over the front side of the cards but Apple’s card has no such thing. Keeping its exclusive nature constant, the company offers the card with a user name engraved with metal etching. The American tech giant is already into digital payment services for quite a long now but the introduction of the credit cards will takes its business to the another level.

The company has made a strategic attempt to integrate its physical card with the virtual one & has linked both of them with its signature product ‘iPhone’.  Now as the card should mark its own footprints in the industry, the company offers it with various features which includes easy signing up, cash backs, added security protection, and most importantly the company has eliminated most of the charges while the card is being used. However, the card hasn’t been applauded by the critics as they say most of the features are already available with the existing cards in the market.

On the other hand, the company has claimed that the card will come with absolutely zero fees, which means that the customers will not have to pay late fee charges, no excess usage fee, no fee for international usage, and no annular fee. The company has revealed that it intends to keep the interest rate as minimum as possible. On the contrary, the biggest negative side of the card is that, in order to avail the Apple card, the user must have the iPhone which is not cheap.

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