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Trump Announces Plans To Accelerate 5G Deployment In The US

On Friday, the FCC and US President made an announcement that they are going to take many initiatives of accelerating the growth of 5G network in US. President Trump said that they are continuously working to make America win in the race of 5G. He said that they will be ready with 92 markets of 5G by defeating South Korea which currently has 48 markets till the end of the year 2019.

Trump added that our companies are working on winning this race. Some estimation revealed that the investment plan of $274 billion by wireless industries in the 5G network is going to add $500 billion to the American economy and will quickly create around 3 million jobs.

4G LTE networks have fast speed but they always focused on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. But 5G is going to bring a revolution of faster wireless networks.

It is expected that 5G will provide a continuous connection of data which will be very helpful for smart cities which use IOT devices like traffic lights and street lights. They will make the use of self-driving automobiles more reliable.

In US, two telecommunication companies Verizon and AT&T have already started their practice on 5G network through which one Motorola phone on Verizon is offering 5G network in US and till the end of 2019, companies named Sprint and T-Mobile are also going to turn-on their networks.

President Trump said that their administration is delivering wireless spectrum as much as needed to encourage and accelerate these investments. He said that FCC is taking bold decisions regarding spectrum regulation which is going to be bolder than previous decisions to remove barriers of networks and to deliver wireless spectrum as it is a key of airwaves network used by devices working through the internet.

On Friday, FCC said that on top of December 10, their company is going to offer nation’s biggest spectrum auction with additional spectrum offering IOT services.

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