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Disney’s $6.99 A Month Streaming Is Much Cheaper Than Netflix

On April 11, 2019, Disney’s spokesperson had made an announcement that the organization is planning to offer a streaming service for $6.99 on a monthly basis. The spokesperson further announced that they would offer an annual subscription for about $69.99 and the viewers don’t even have to watch advertisements.

The movie producing giant has also revealed that they would launch their streaming services on November 12, 2019, named as Disney+. The monthly and yearly subscription of Disney is way cheaper in comparison to Netflix. According to sources, Netflix is planning to increase the monthly charge of their services by $2. Now, for a monthly subscription, a person has to pay $13.

While speaking to the press, the CEO of Disney said that the company has many expectations from Disney+. During the Investor’s day meet, Bob Iger made it clear that Disney+ does not contain any sports channel or any channel of ABC. Mr. Iger further said that Disney + is for the younger generation and it also contains some episodes of Simpson and Star Wars movie.

The CEO of Disney also said that people who want to watch adult content can acquire a subscription of Hulu, furthermore, one can also have a subscription of ESPN+ if they want to watch sports channels. Mr. Iger made it clear that Disney+ is for family viewing.

Disney has also planned to include various animated movies of Pixar for children. Contrary to this, Netflix doesn’t possess the rights to include many PBS animated programs on its menu. Even Amazon prime service lags behind in comparison to the services which are provided by Disney. According to sources, Disney+ would receive 90 million users till 2024.

While speaking to the media, CEO of Disney also stated that at present the company is planning to design a service which many people can use. Mr. Iger also said that Disney is loved by millions of people around the globe and the company will provide quality service.

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