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Tesla Decides to keep Model 3 Standard Range Off-Menu

Tesla’s famous $35,000 model 3 online sale will be halted for now.

Sales on this Model 3 will continue only through its stores or via the telephone. The Standard Range option will not be available through online sale.

The company is making the Autopilot feature standard on its vehicle. By this, the vehicle which was initially priced at $37,500 will cost another $3,000 for the attached Autopilot feature and will amount to $39,500.

Those who have already ordered the model will have to pay another $3,000 for the Autopilot feature fitted in. This feature has become a part of the standard model.

Apart from this, Tesla will be leasing out its Model 3 vehicles. Customers can choose from any of its annual mileage usage option. Options provided are at 10,000, 12,000 and a slightly higher option at 15,000 miles. By this, the cars will be kept back by the company and will be used to provide ride-sharing services after lease time is over.

Through this, customers are discouraged from buying the low-priced model. Instead, they are encouraged to buy the upgraded model.  Now customers can get more value for their vehicle, by having the Autopilot feature included in them, says the company.

The company has justified its move. It says that the Standard Range Plus Model S is outselling the previous Standard Range version, by about 6 times.

All Tesla vehicles will have the Autopilot feature fitted into the vehicles as a standard feature. The vehicle has had many price changes, many of them with Autopilot features.

This same situation has occurred many years back. Tesla had promised a 40kWh Model S with a base price fixed at $50,000. However, the model was killed and an option to buy the 60KWh car was provided, that was software-locked. Customers were forced to buy the model at a higher rate from what was initially offered.

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