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US Can Learn A Thing Or 2 From Singapore

The island city-state of Singapore is a best example of what a country can achieve for its population in terms of providing healthcare. A country like the U.S. can learn many things about the efficiency, quality and cost of the health system made available to citizens of Singapore.

But, comparisons between two unlike objects do not work and unfortunately it is not apt to compare the system with that in the U.S. Lesser rates of alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, obesity, poverty levels, absence of rural areas and a progressive tax system is what sets Singapore apart  from the U.S.

Additionally, there is greater government regulation and control in many aspects of diffusion of the latest in health care systems including availability of drugs, their pricing and public health initiatives. It is the sole decision making authority. In the United States, the public sector comes into the picture when the private sector fails to do so.

The delivery of Singapore’s health care services is unbeatable. Basic health care which is cheap is fulfilled by the private sector. Complicated care is obtained from any of the government run 18 poly clinics where the working efficiency is highly noteworthy. Public hospitals are benefited through heavy subsidization and offer three levels of services to the patients. Non-citizens can have access only to the private hospitals. Singapore boasts of a public delivery system which is majorly financed privately while the U.S. has a private delivery system that is majorly financed through public funds. Singapore is also characterized by a better governmental control over the delivery system.

Though Singapore made stellar progress in several areas of health care like infant mortality, higher life expectancies through greater public awareness in part; there is no guarantee that it can sustain its continuance. The main focus of the health system in Singapore is to elevate all its citizens rather than a specific high-profile segment.

All said and done though Singapore stands apart in its health care system; the fact also remains that it cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

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