China’s Firms Making Progress On Its Launchers


Linkspace, the Chinese startup successfully tested a vertical takeoff and landing technology last month. However, the test coincided with the failure of another private firm, OneSpace to send into orbit an OS-m rocket. However, during the same week, two separate Chinese organizations claimed to have successfully conducted ground tests, as they aspire to come up with their own satellite launch vehicles.

Since its inception in 2014, Linkspace Aerospace Technology Group has been working on reusable satellite launch vehicle technology that will enable the craft to vertically take off and land. On March 27, it carried out a low-altitude launch with the help of a tech demonstrator prototype. It reached an altitude of 20 meters and then hovered and landed vertically. The company is planning to conduct a real test in 2021 by using a NewLine-1 orbital launch vehicle, which can carry 200 kg weight to the SSO or Sun synchronous orbit.

OneSpace, on the other hand, released its mission failure report that stated that the velocity gyroscope failed to function during the 2nd of the 4 stages during the launch that was conducted on March 27.

Meanwhile, iSpace, which is a startup and is known as Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Ltd as well, has also claimed to have achieved success in working with the methelox engine, which will be used for a 2-stage launch vehicle, called Hyperbola 2. It will be launched after 2020 and will be able to lift 1900 kg weight.

China has seen a spurt in private satellite launch companies of late, thanks to the national space strategy involving military as well as civilian contribution. Over 10 companies are developing their own launch vehicles at present in China. Galactic Energy, S-Motor, Jiuzhou Yunjian are some of the other Chinese private space new comers who are trying to make inroads into the highly competitive Chinese Space market.

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