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Clyde Space Gets Contract From Polish Startup

The space startup of Poland namely KP Labs has selected Clyde Space to become their sub contractor for the Intuition-1 project of the company. This will be the first ever commercial satellite which will have the processing power for conducting hyper spectral image segmentation within the orbit.

KP Labs was the effort of a group of engineers at the Silesian University of Technology and was founded in 2016. Their main focus is satellite for Earth observation and IT solutions, machine learning and computer vision. The satellite platform supplier AAC Microtec of Sweden owns Clyde Space.

KP Labs said that the Intuition-1 will make use of a hyper spectral instrument for Earth observation and neural networks to be placed onboard will be used for the data processing works. Thus using this cubesat will be able to assess the conditions of forests and plants, make a pollution map for the cities or even give a forecast on crop yields. The project manager of KP Labs, Grzegorz Lada said that their present research as well as development work will go on till 2019 last and the project is expected to be completed between January2018 and December 2023. The satellite will be integrated by 2020-21 and the qualification tests will be performed by early 2022. The satellite will be put into a Low Earth Orbit at an altitude of 600 kilometers between 2022 end and early 2023. She said that the satellite is expected to start its mission in 2023.

The public relations manager of KP Labs, Jaroslaw Kacprzak said that they have been evaluating offers from eight companies from the US and Europe and it was after the nine-month evaluation that Clyde Space was selected. Though the company has not yet disclosed the details of the contract it is said that the deal value goes above $382,000. As per the agreement, Clyde Space will be developing the satellite bus for the company which will include onboard computer, altitude control system, power system and communication system. The satellite will be prepared for its launch by Clyde Space and they will also organize it.

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