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UK Agrees To Let Huawei Supply Non Core Parts For Its 5G Network

The Britain’s National Security Council has agreed to let Huawei to supply non-core parts like antennas for their 5G networks. However they still did not get the permission to supply core technology like equipments to link internet connections and other software. Huawei is the largest telecommunications equipment provider in the world followed by Nokia of Finland and Ericsson of Sweden.

A spokesperson of the UK government said to CNBC that since the discussions of the National Security Council are highly confidential, they will be announced at the appropriate time through the right processes. UK’s decision of granting Huawei permission to build parts for their new networks may invite the fury of their allies like Australia and US as they have completely imposed ban on the company fearing the espionage of the Chinese. However Huawei has denied all charges of spying.

Huawei has welcomed this news and said that although formal announcement has not been made by the government they are looking forward to work with the government and are happy as the government of UK has taken an evidence-based approach. 5G has been designed to provide faster speed and low lag times compared to its predecessors like 3G and 4G. It is expected to become a game-changer when put into use in remote surgeries or driverless cars, all of which requires reliable, fast internet connectivity.

UK has faced opposition in this regard from some of their leaders itself. The chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, Tom Tughendhat said that there was a reason why the other nations have avoided their service and now UK allowing Huawei again will result in the other nations doubting UK’s ability of keeping data safe and will also hamper the trust among the Five Eyes. The Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance formed by nations like UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. A cyber security conference was held at Glasgow in Scotland on Wednesday where officials from all of these countries had participated.

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