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Trump Says Vaccines Are Important Amid Major Measles Outbreak

Measles is considered as one of the most contagious diseases in the world which was especially relevant in the 90s and took the lives of millions of children worldwide. However, with the advent of vaccination, it had become relatively controlled. However, 2019 noticed the maximum number of cases post the 2000s and the number was reached in four months itself. The seriousness of the issue can be judged by the fact that the American president, Donald Trump has urged people to get vaccinated for measles in order to be safe from the deadly disease. Many consider this ironical as well since Trump was one of the frontrunners in the opposition of vaccines and had openly questioned its credibility previously.

The number of patients affected by measles this year is the highest, making it the worst in a long time. When Trump was asked to comment on the rising cases of measles infection, he stressed the importance of getting the shots as soon as possible. Allegedly, the disease has spread to close to 22 states already with almost 700 people become a victim of it. Interestingly, Trump had been very vocal about exemplifying the false claims made against vaccination. He even fuelled the statement that vaccination is one of the major causes for a large number of cases of autism in the country. Researchers have proven time and again that such a relation doesn’t exist.

The current situation took place because people from the orthodox Jewish community and others who were against vaccines traveled out of the country to places where measles was prevalent and got the disease back with them. The people who have chosen not to get vaccinated are the worst affected, according to the Center for Disease Control. Getting vaccinated with the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine in two doses is 97% effective in protecting a person from contracting measles.

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