12 Million Pounds Of Chicken From Tyson Recalled Fearing Metal Content


Food officials of US have said that Tyson Foods has recalled nearly 11.8 million pounds of chicken strips from the market that had been shipped across the nation. Now only 69000 pound still remain in the market since the recall was announced during March this year by officials of FSIService which is part of US Dept. of Agriculture for presence of metal pieces. The expansion of this recall was ordered soon after six people confirmed about presence of metal pieces in some of Tyson’s products and few among them also suffered mouth injuries.

The Tyson products ordered for recall were produced between October 2018 and 8th March that have expiry dates from 1st October 2018 to 7th March 2020.

The recalled Tyson products have batch detail P-7221 in rear of each package and the items under recall are listed as FC crisp chicken strips each weighing 25 ounces and packed in 40 ounce bags, FC BS chicken strips each weighing 25 ounces and packed in 40 ounce bags, FC honey barbecue chicken strips each weighing 25 ounces and packed in 40 ounce bags, BC BS chicken strips in bags weighing 20 ounces each, GV completely cooked chicken strips in 25 ounce bags and FL crisp chicken strips weighing 25 ounces each.

The earlier recall list had only products with expiry date of November 30, 2019. Speaking about corrective action following the incident Tyson Foods’ VP of regulatory food policy stated that they have taken corrective action at the production site where the particular batch of defective products were made. They have discarded all the equipment which led to metal fragments getting attached to its products and will install X-ray equipment to detect metal at their production unit which will replace current detection mechanism to check for presence of metal.

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