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Electrify America Set To Boost EV Market With Electric Charging Network

Electrify America has said that they are the fastest growing firm and a network of EV charging stations. It has almost been a year since the company has established and it is a subsidiary of Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen funded its new subsidiary, Electrifying America, by $2 billion from the penalty of its diesel scam 2016. They aim to achieve the goal setting up 2000 EV chargers at the stations by the end of this year.

These chargers are equipped with modern technology and the electric vehicle users can charge their vehicles with these chargers in almost the same time as it takes to fill up a gas tank. However, the lack of connectivity in all over the country is right now considered as the key obstacle of acceptance of these vehicles among the citizens of the country.

Brendan Jones, Electrify America’s Chief Operating Officer said that the longer distance covered and faster-charging feature of chargers are key factors that are enough to convince people to use these vehicles. Later he added that it is similar to the classic problem of chicken and egg.

Usually, when one has to refill their car’s gas they have to set up the pump and then pay for the fuel in EV charging stations everything will be handled automatically that means Cutler will plug in the car into the charger. These chargers are well equipped with high-tech software in which the vehicle drivers can make the queries by sitting in the car like how much power they need, how much is left, how to continue the billing process, etc.

Although deciding the prices of charging a car is still a problem for Electrifying America because currently it varies from company to company but the firm has decided to give the discounted subscriptions to attract more customers for use electric vehicles.

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