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Eating Walnuts—New Remedy To Reduce Blood Pressure

A recent study claims that consuming walnuts can help reduce BP if consumed in a diet that’s saturated fats-deficient.PSU scientists announced that this study is among the first, which shows a relation between walnut properties and heart health. The research was funded by CWC and published in American Heart Association’s journal.

ALA, which is an omega-3 compound contained in walnut, was researched to see if it could help those with cardiovascular disease risks. Polyphenols, another component of walnuts, were also researched for this purpose. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in adults in USA, killing 840000 people in 2016, as per the AHA, with half of the population having some type of the disease.

Increase in people with high BP levels has led to this. However, the increase is also in part due to change in high BP measurement guidelines.45 obese or overweight participants aged between 30 and 65 were studied. They had a similar diet for two weeks to ensure equal starting points. 3 groups were formed, with 3 different diets for each group, changed at time periods of 6 weeks. The diets included one with whole walnuts, another with same amounts of polyunsaturated fat-based acids and ALA but no walnuts, and another with ALA partially replaced by oleic acids.

In the end, all 3 groups were found with enhanced health conditions. Cardiovascular benefits were seen to ensure by taking in unsaturated fats in place of saturated fats. The group with walnut based diets had a lower BP rate than other groups. Eating walnuts saw the participants derive higher benefits than having a diet having similar nutrition, said Prof Penny Etherton, the leading co-author.

The reduction in central BP levels could reduce cardiovascular risks, as per the researchers. However, due to the small size of the research pool, further studies are required to confirm findings. Walnuts and skim milk are suggested for those with cardiovascular disease risks instead of dairy products or red meat.

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