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Amazon No Longer Selling Kid’s Jewelry And School Supplies With Toxins

Amazon US will no longer use its platform for selling children’s jewelry and school-related supplies that consist of lead more than the permissible limit.

The retailer has taken this decision after an investigation conducted by the US Federal Government revealed that quite a number of products up for sale via the platform, have an alarming level of lead in them.

One of the products was found to contain 80 times more than the recommended level of lead. The findings have also resulted in the imposition of a fine of $700,000 (£538,000) on Amazon. The amount will be used for keeping a vigil on children’s products in the future.

Products that were found to contain high lead level included pencil cases, covers of books, backpacks, lunch boxes. A number of items that contained high lead level feature popular cartoon characters, bright primary colors, and lavish exteriors and were aimed at children less than 12 years. This was revealed by the office of Washington state attorney general, Mr. Bob Ferguson.

According to the pact that was struck, Amazon has pleaded that it will bring in a change in the way it sources all these products. They also pleaded that they will let only those products to be sold via their platform that provides fit certificates from lab tests.

Almost 18,000 sellers who sell their products via Amazon are likely to be affected by the latest decision.

Amazon was also directed by the attorney general to get in touch with the buyers of these products and give them refunds and request them to dispose of the products. Amazon is issuing a budget of over $200,000 for customer refund.

In a damage control measure, Amazon has issued a statement stating that customer safety has always been its first and foremost priority. Another clause in the agreement says Amazon must get rid of all the existing toxic good within 2 business days.

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