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Abortion To Be Illegal In Alabama Henceforth

The concept of ‘Abortion’ is of disputes in many countries. Some countries allow abortion, while in some countries it is considered to be illegal. Alabama has become one of the latest states to make abortion illegal. A bill has been passed to outlaw abortion in almost every case. This includes ban of the abortion even in the case of rape and incest.

The supporters are expecting the law to be blocked in the court. They are also hopping for the proceedings to reach in the Supreme Court as well. The court tends to have conservatives in majority. The supporters are expecting the court to end 1973 ruling. The seats of Senate consist of men in majority. From the 35 senate seats, the few women who had the seats did not promote the ban. This ban was signed by the Alabama’s republic governor – Kay Ivey.

It has been found that 16 new states are also planning to introduce new restriction on abortion.

Under the Alabama’s bill, a doctor will have to face 10 years in prison in attempts made in terminating pregnancy. For carrying out the procedure, more 99 years will be added. On the other hand, a woman who wants to terminate pregnancy will not be held responsible for crime. An exception to the bill is, when the pregnancy is considered to be a threat to mother’s health or her life, the termination of the pregnancy will be allowed.

Democrats already knew that nothing can be done to stop the passing of this bill. This is indeed a controversial bill. Activist have opposed this bill by stating that, there were no attempts made to put restrictions on men the way women are forced to obey these laws. The bill indeed questions a woman’s equality and right to protect the Planned Parenthood.

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