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Google To Place A Lot More Ads On Your Smartphones

Google declared a set of new ad types this week that will begin displaying up all over its mobile products, comprising some that disrupt the core Google discovery and search experiences.

Google searches on mobile will soon add “gallery” ads that let advertisers to show various pictures for consumers to swipe. You will also start to view ads in discover feed of Google. Discover feed is the feed of news stories that you see within the Google app, in most of the Android home screens, and on mobile homepage of Google. The ads will only appear in specific locations for now.

The latest ad formats are meant to convert ads a lot more obvious. In a blog post, Prabhakar Raghavan (Google ad chief) claims that, while testing, gallery ads led to almost 25% more interactions as compared to conventional search ads.

Gallery ads will only be rolling out on mobile, not the desktop. Discover ads will come into view in mobile app of Google, as well as on Android phones on the discover feed. Google informs us those ads will not come into view in the discover feed that is developed for the mobile homepage.

On a related note, the speculations were true—Google aims to allow you ban cross-site tracking in Chrome. The company has revealed efforts to enhance its cookie management by identifying multi- and single-site cookies, offering you the choice to remove trackers without getting rid of the cookies you employ for important tasks and logins. To make that happen, Google will ask web creators to tell which cookies work all over sites—if they do not, Chrome will not work nicely. The feature depends on a web protocol and is accessible to test in the newest developer variant of Chrome.

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