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The Next Electric Ride By Boosted Is The New Rev Scooter

When Boosted in 2018 rolled out a new lineup of boards, comprising the Mini and Stealth options, it stated that its mission was to redefine transport—at least from the electric rideable point of view. Now, it has finally broken out further than the skateboard mold and included an electric scooter, the Boosted Rev, to its series of products.

The Rev is more than only a fun sidewalk bike; it is truly a “vehicle-level” device. At first glimpse, you get more of a bike feeling instead of a plaything. The frame is a mixture of 6061-T6 extruded forged and aluminum parts, making a super-strong bike. The plank region is roomy, with a touch of comfort, but it is a far cry from the bounciness of longboards by Boosted. The 750-watt two in-wheel motors appear more silent as compared to the boards too, partially due to the fact that it ditched the recognizable (and exposed) belt-drive tech.

On a related note, previous fall, Inboard Technology (the electric skateboard startup) announced plans for its only first electric scooter. Dubbed as the Glider, consumers can place an order before hand for the scooter with a $349 deposit placed against the price tag of $1,299. Now, as per the media reports, Inboard is moving back from its plans for a user variant of the Glider and is giving back money to 1,500 users who placed down deposits on the new scooter. Rather, Inboard aims to concentrate on creating electric bikes for shared fleets.

As fraction of the modification, Inboard aims to declare an association with a transportation firm later in 2019, although it has not offered any hint as to who that associate will be. The firm also aims to make its scooters accessible in tiny fleets that can be accessible at resorts, hotels, business parks, and campuses.

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