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No Agreement On Brexit Reached Between Tories And Labor

The word Brexit has been ringing the alarm bells in the United Kingdom for quite some time as they are on the verge of getting themselves evicted out of it. Prime Minister Theresa May did ask for an extension up to October to come to a decision but it seems like the dialogue between the government and the Labor whose main aim was to resolve the Brexit issue has ended without any favorable agreement.

According to Jeremy Corbyn, the discussion was stretched to the last thread and they did as much as they could but the government was excessively unstable and weak to come to a concrete decision. Theresa May feels that both the parties lack a common opinion of the situation and this is primarily hindering any progress. According to her, giving the option to MPs may bear some results as they would at least decide on the majority. Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister of Ireland, however, feels that the developments that have taken place till now have been very negative.

Prime Minister May is also set to leave Downing Street as voted by the House of Commons. Initially the Brexit was supposed to take place on 29th March itself but since the MPs voted against the deal she had made, she asked extensions to come to the decision 3 times and was finally given a deadline of 31st October. The membership associated with the customs union and referendums seem to be the main point of disagreement between the Labor party and the Conservatives and if that gets resolved, matters might move forward. As it stands, candidates standing to replace May would want the Brexit thing to be resolved before she leaves so that they can design their propaganda around the relationship that they hold with EU in the future.

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