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Lyft Includes Prominent License Plates And In-App 911 To Its Security Tools

Lyft is teaming up with Uber in answering to the casualty of a college student with enhanced safety functionality. To start with, it is including an Uber-akin alternative to dial 911 from inside the app. If there is an emergency, you will not have to lose track of your whereabouts or switch apps. This might be accessible in the “weeks to come.” Lyft will also need feedback for any rating below four stars, so it must be transparent when behavior of a driver is problematical.

Other inclusions will take time. The firm is making education for sexual harassment prevention accessible to both passengers and drivers later this year. It has also begun launching out extra clearly noticeable license plate numbers to lower the odds of getting in the incorrect vehicle, dealing with a problem that added to the death of a student. This must reach everybody’s apps in the “months to come.”

The updates follow just more than a month after Lyft committed incessant background checks, and just below 2 Months after the fatal case that seems to have prompted renovations. These will not unavoidably result in fewer tragedies, but they can reduce the odds of coping with rogue drivers and offer you additional resources for coping with them if something goes south.

On a related note, it’s not just drivers of ridesharing firms that merit some security worries—the car may be a danger too. Consumer Reports has performed a research hinting that 16.2% of the almost 94,000 ride hailing vehicles it detected in King County and New York City (comprising Lyft, Uber, and smaller outfits such as Juno) had minimum one unaddressed security recall. Almost 1.4% of entire rides had Takata’s defective airbags, while 25 had “minimum” 5 open recalls. There are also indications that the firms do not strictly implement their policies on age of vehicle.

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