Comcast Steps Back From Spectrum Deal With T-Mobile And Sprint Merger


According to the company’s spokesperson Comcast refuses to have a spectrum deal if the two companies – T-Mobile and Spring merge. Also, the data gathered from the research of CNBC says that the company doesn’t want to have a deal with Boost mobile. According to the company, having a deal with Sprint and T-Mobile transaction would mean acquiring divested spectrum. Radio frequencies that are capable of carrying voice and data are called wireless spectrum.

Sprint Corporation and T-Mobile Company are both American telecommunication companies. They are providers of the wireless services like the internet. Sprint Corporation serves 54 million people in the United States which makes them the fourth largest mobile operator. On the other hand, the T-Mobile is third largest with the base of 81.3 million customers.

As a result of these announcements, Boost mobile will now lose one of their buyers, While T-Mobile and Sprint are supposed to sell the brand. This is done as a part of the deal with the Federal Communications Commission who will approve their $26 billion merger. The boost mobile gives its costumer post-paid services i.e. Customers can pay for their mobile services at the starting of the month but without giving them a credit cheque. Hence it is expected that the sale of Boost mobile will reduce the market share of the merged companies, although the merge is yet to be approved by the US Department of Justice. According to the report of Reuters, Amazon seems to have an interest in buying Boost and also consider buying any sort of spectrum from the companies. This report was given by Reuters on Thursday along with some familiar citing sources.

Peter Adderton who is Boost Company’s founder, expresses his opinions in the interview that took place on May 23 on CNBC. He said that he would like to buy the brand again if the merged company is able to provide him with a good wholesale deal.

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