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Tale Of A Transgender Bodybuilder Wanting To Give Back To His Community

As a child Ajay Holbrook had a tough time coming to terms with the fact that he was born as a girl though he felt innately as a boy. So he tried to hide his female features by dressing up as a male and engaging in sports instead of girly practices. During his growing up years at Sugar Land, Texas when he asked his parents to get him boy’s clothes he was addressed as a “tomboy” but only when he became a teenager at 13 years he discovered that he was a transgender. At the age of 17 he started undergoing gender therapy to become a male and began taking testosterone to begin the physical transition into the person he actually wanted to be.

But this change was not without difficulties and led to lot of turmoil within the family as within three months of starting the testosterone therapy there were visible changes in his physical structure. So he decided to undertake bodybuilding to protect him-self from any physical abuse and achieve the physical structure he had always dreamed about. He then worked hard on a daily basis to enhance and sculpt his body into the desired shape.

Now at the age of 22 he is working with the help of a professional trainer to establish himself in the world of professional bodybuilders. His goal in life now is to compete in the Mr. Olympia contest and make a mark about transgender in the normal world. He is planning to make a place for himself in the community by competing against cisgender males which could be an uphill task. He affirmed that the goal may be tough as he keeps getting rude and inappropriate questions along with hostile stares from other bodybuilders some of whom openly tell him that he is never going to be a real man.

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