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Your Diet Can Determine Your Susceptibility To Type 2 Diabetes

The foods that you eat, even the order of your food can raise your risk of type 2 diabetes, suggest three new studies.

The studies found that switching to plant-based diet can reduce your risk of developing diabetes of type 2 by 60%. It also found that eating huge amounts of vitamins B6 and B2 is linked to lower the risk of developing diabetes of type 2 and including more B12 seems to be associated with greater risk of developing diabetes of type 2.

The studies found that the order in which you eat also matters, individuals who eat vegetables before meat or rice had low sugar levels with changes in hunger hormones. An endocrinologist of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, Dr. Rekha Kumar, had reviewed the findings. She said including vegetables, fruits and whole foods in your diet is practical and an easy way to manage the diabetes of type 2. She added that half of our plate even at breakfast must be green, for example you can have an omelet of egg white along with spinach. Kumar said when it comes to the order of eating, vegetables, protein, and high-fiber foods take more time to exit from the stomach which slows the rise in sugar levels in blood. She said that changing the order that you eat your food in can have effects on appetite control and your weight.

One study had 2,700 people with average age of 25. Almost 40% were black and 60% of individuals were women. Their diet and health were followed for 30 years. The study found that those individuals who made improvement in the quality of their diet from initial period to middle of their adulthood reduced their risk of developing diabetes of type 2 by two thirds when compared to the individuals whose quality of diet reduced slightly.

Researchers said that a quality diet is the one which contains more plant-centered and nutritionally rich foods.

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