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Moderate Exercise Can Enhance Brain Functions In Teens

It is a well-known fact that exercise is extremely important for kids. It enhances their health and lets them shed some extra kilos. However, teens could derive an additional benefit. It can improve attention spans, a significant factor helping them their school performance, as per a study from TJP.

Exercising for an hour every day, with moderate and vigorous intensity level shows maximum benefit, as per the study’s findings. Sustained exercise done at moderate levels trigger specific protein releases than enhances many brain functions. However, it must be kept in mind not to overdo the exercise as this could make teenagers tired and unable to concentrate on learning.

The study suggests that children affected by ADHD could derive benefits from exercise when built into their daily care plan. These kids usually have short attention spans, a defect that could be fixed by apt exercise.

Most of the Schools have begun reducing their PE time in class, preferring to focus on academics alone. With such measures in place, encourage teenagers to join activities or sports which require daily sessions and practice. This’ll keep them active every day instead of only working out during game days. Every child has their own sport at which they’re best adapted to. Some do better in sports as part of teams, like lacrosse and soccer, while some others enjoy tennis and track and other individualistic sports.

If home exercise equipment is available, like exercise bikes or treadmills, it is suggested that teens use this equipment while watching shows or listening to songs. This could keep them going for long.

Above all, parents must lead by example. Therefore, it is advisable that they start working out as well, and show their kids how fun it is. A family fitness schedule could also be planned for weekends, which will ensure rich benefits for everyone.

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