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GAO Sides With Peraton In $655mn SAIC Contract Dispute

The US GAO stood by Peraton as it protested the assignment of a US Air Force project contract worth $655 million for EDIS to SAIC. Lockheed held the previous contract for 5 years, expiring in 2019. The contract’s customers include SMSCASADD and GSSOD at the Kirtland Base in New Mexico. The contract had been awarded on January 31, with the protest coming in on March 5.

GAO’s ruling was issued and notified on June 11. The US Air Force has to now correct identified errors next. Ideas under consideration include restarting the competition or beginning another one. The US Air Force is looking to update sat ground systems to make them enterprise architectures, capable of operating many satellites without designing ground segments. It intends to finally transform into enterprise service on a ground-basis.

EDIS contracts are for 7 years and involve work at the Schriever and Kirtland Bases. It aims to design an environment for open systems, capable of operating government or commercially developed satellites. EDIS contractors will also function and integrators of any software issued by suppliers which would access the SOC at the ASDD at Kirtland.

Next 10 years will see the US Air Force transition into ground-based systems setup that can support space missions, now run on various dedicated systems. EDIS would also aid US Air Force testing & demonstrate enterprise ground-based services and their concepts.

EDIS invitations included the US Air Force’s requirements for the contractor to develop enterprise ground-based service and increase expansion for utilization by the operational and R&D community. The new system would allow for fast and cheaper testing for satellites. The military is facing new space-based threats and requires technology development at faster paces that usual procurement programs.

EDIS contracts are structured into various task orders. First would be the maintenance of current systems at Schriever and Kirtland. Orders will periodically be issued over 7 years as the US Air Force develops satellites and transitions to enterprise ground-based systems.

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