China Banned People With Poor Social Credit From Transportation Last Year


China prohibited individuals from purchasing train or plane tickets 23 Million times in 2018 due to their low social credit scores, as per the media reports.

The government launched out the travel prohibition on users with low scores for social credit in May 2018. As per a report from National Public Credit Information Center of China, people have been banned 5.5 Million times from purchasing high-speed train tickets and 17.5 Million times from buying airplane tickets. These individuals had turned “discredited” for undetermined behavioral crimes. That is up from just 6.15 Million people being banned from taking flights as of a couple of years back, as per Supreme Court in China.

As fraction of the system, the Government of China also uses a public blacklist of those who have been discovered guilty of crimes in court and penalizes them partially by restricting their capability of buying train and plane tickets.

On a related note, Beijing earlier blacked out its online video services of 3 well-known Chinese media websites in a speedy action that set free economic shockwaves and caused a hard warning to the online video industry of the country: “clean up, or close down.”

Internet shares of China dropped after news of the strangely unkind clamp down spread, with Weibo Corp’s down 6.1%, while SINA Corp, which has a market stake in Weibo, fell 4.8%. That summed to a total $1.3 Billion loss to both companies’ value in the market. Sina Weibo—the Twitter-like service, ACFUN—the well-known online video website, and—the news portal, will have to end video streaming services that violate the regulations of the country, the company claimed.

“This will offer a clear and clean Internet space for the huge number of online consumers,” the State Administration of Publication, Press, Film, Radio, and Television claimed in a brief post on its official site online.

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