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Philips Obtains Medumo To Aid Hospitals In Communicating With Patients

Recently, Dutch technology conglomerate Philips acquired Boston-based Medumo, which is a small health-technology start-up known for its health care business. Medumo utilizes a combination of SMS and emails to give instructions to patients, in support of its hospital customers. The firm—which has lesser than 30 employees—fits in the alleged “patient engagement” drift, which involves offering tools for medical suppliers to stay in contact with their patients. For Philips, the takeover can present an opportunity to develop a service for its existing health system clients. Reportedly, Philips has been on an acquisition line for its health care collection, which comprises a range of products for hospitals, such as imaging systems, medical devices, and alarm systems to aid doctors in attending the most critical patients.

A few months ago, it obtained Carestream’s health IT business to enlarge its radiology informatics big business, and it bought out a handful of new health start-ups in 2018 in domains ranging from sleep, respiratory care to latest-generation biosensor technology. Other traditional health technology providers and Philips can deal with the surging competition with traditional technology titans like Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet. These technology firms are all advancing their businesses in health care, starting from consumer-targeted smartwatches having health monitoring characteristics to IT systems that are intended to aid clinicians to fill out-patient medical records.

On a similar note, earlier, Philips signed a deal with French hospital about imaging solution. Royal Philips and CHRU (Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire) de Nancy, France in recent time declared a 10-Year deal to execute Philips’ IntelliSpace venture imaging solution, counting Illumeo software by adaptive intelligence. Reportedly, CHRU de Nancy is a public health association that offers 1.2 Million consultation appointments and inpatient stays every year. The deal would let the hospital streamline the complicate medical image data management in its departments.

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