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The Outer Space Vision Of Blue Origin Founder

Jeff Bezos is not a person of small dreams. The richest man in the world, with an expected net value of over $130 Billion, is using some of his capital on Blue Origin, his space startup. Much of the attention that the firm got has aimed at the billions he invested into the firm, its strategies to take tourists on its suborbital New Shepard vehicle, and its entrance into the orbital launch sector with its rocket named New Glenn.

However, those vehicles are said to be only the beginning of a much grander vision regarding the prospect of humanity. Last month, speaking to viewers, mainly aviation sector executives, at a Wings Club luncheon, New York, Bezos proclaimed that those vehicles are the foremost footstep toward a prospect where humanity develops beyond Earth to control the energy as well as other resources of the solar system.

On a similar note, Blue Origin came into the news as the space business enterprise announced that it is partnering with the music-video masters at OK Go. This partnership is intended to offer students an opportunity to send art experiments into space on New Shepard suborbital spaceship from Blue Origin.

The latest “Art in Space” competition is based on a viral video “Upside Down & Inside Out” by OK Go. This video splashed paint all over the interior of an aircraft throughout a zero-gravity parabolic aircraft flight. In this week’s contest announcement, the music group proclaimed, “Now we want you to try, but in actual space!” The winners of this contest won’t be able to get quite as crazy and wild as OK Go did: Their experiments are supposed to have wrapped inside a 4-by-4-by-8-inch box. This box is supposed to be packed on board a future New Shepard test flight in West Texas.

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