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China’s Long March Spaceships Accomplishes 300 Launches

With a Long March-3B rocket placing a new-fangled communication satellite in the orbit, China’s Long March carrier rocket set concluded 300 launches, by sending over 500 spacecraft in the space since 1970. Wu Yansheng—Board Chairman of the CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation) stated, “This is a turning point for China’s space industry advancement.” The Long March carrier rocket—which is developed by the CASC—is accountable for almost 96.4% of all the launch missions in China. Approximately, 37 Years were taken for the completion of Long March rockets’ first 100 launches, 7.5 Years to attain the second 100 launches, and just 4 Years to complete the final 100, with the mean number of launches every year surging from 2.7 to 13.3 and then ultimately to 23.5.

Shang Zhi—Director of the Space Department at the CASC—stated that the intensive launches have been normal in China, signifying the rapid advancement of the space industry, the evolution of science and technology and the augmentation of national strength. The victory rate of the 300 launches of Long March rockets’ was at 96%, as reported by the CASC. During the third 100 liftoffs, the Long March rockets hurled 225 spacecraft—having a mass of about 240 Tons—in the space, with a victory rate of 97%, achieving a high level in the world, reported Shang.

On a similar note, recently, it was stated that frequent crewed spacecraft missions would be possible in China around 2022. A chief designer of the CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation) and deputy to the 13th NPC (National People’s Congress) stated that China will grasp frequent launch of manned rocket flights after the country sets up its space station around 2022. The country will conduct bulk production of the manned rocket in the future instead of present customization. China’s space station would be accomplished around 2022.

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