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Nissan To Temporarily Terminate Infiniti Cars Manufacturing At Its UK Plant

Japan-based multinational automobile manufacturer, Nissan, has recently announced that it would be arresting.

Japanese carmaker Nissan announced on Tuesday that it would be arresting the manufacturer of its luxury vehicle division Infiniti at its production plant located in Sunderland from the month of July, risking the jobs of around 200 employees.

At present, Sunderland-based Nissan’s production plant is the only plant exclusively manufacturing Q3 and QX30 models of Infiniti.

The company believed that in the future, it would be tough for Nissan to survive in western Europe such as BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar. So, the company has decided to take the step of halting production with the aim to slowly pull out itself from the premium cars competition.

Trevor Hale, chief spokesman of Infiniti said that Western Europe is considered as the most competitive and challenging region for first-class cars. Nissan will shift the Infiniti brand establishment majorly in Chinese and the US markets.

Around 200 workers at Nissan’s Sunderland-based plant will probably be relocated.

The company stated that it will try to offer alternative opportunities for the workers, who would be concerned with unemployment due to the production halt. Those workers would consult their representatives to search for training for any appropriate opportunities related to training and transition support.

Nissan has also decided that now it would not begin the production of its X-Trail at Sunderland plant, in contrast to the previous planning. The company’s decision would not change even after the government assured to offer £61 Million as financial support. The X-Trail production would be shifted to Japan.

Nissan is trying to launch something innovative, for which it has decided to stream 3-D augmented-reality characters inside the cabin of its cars, while the preliminary testing of this technology has already been started by the company.

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