India’s Satellite Destruction Has Threatened The Safety Of The ISS, Says NASA

India's Satellite Destruction Has Threatened The Safety Of The ISS, Says NASA

As per NASA, the recent destruction of a satellite by India was a terrible thing and it stated that the space wreckages created by the bang should now be measured as a threat to the International Space Station along with the astronauts on board. Last week, India purposely smashed one of its own satellites using a missile. The recent move was hugely welcomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as it established the nation as a space power. But According to the NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, the destruction poses an undesirable danger to astronauts on board the International Space Station.

He added that the satellite has crashed into fragments, with many of those pieces big enough to pose a threat to the ISS but the pieces are not sufficiently large to track. It is vague about the number of pieces of wreckages the satellite has generated. Bridenstine stated that as of now, NASA is tracking the objects that are sufficiently big to track and by big they mean about four inches or bigger. As per him, around 60 pieces have been detected. Out of 60, 24 pieces were going above the International Space Station; however, the satellite had been orbiting 185 miles above our planet which is lower than the ISS. ISS orbits approximately 250 miles above the earth.

Bridenstine added that the move is a terrible thing to create an event that directs wreckages at an apogee which goes above the ISS. Right now, NASA is tracking the pieces that are large enough to track and by that NASA means the pieces that are about 10cm or even bigger. The event is unacceptable and NASA needs to figure out the impact on the crew members that are on board. As per Tom Johnson, the vice president of engineering for Analytical Graphics Inc., his team has modeled 6,500 pieces that are larger than half a centimeter.

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