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350 Employees Laid Off By EA—Report

American Video gaming giant Electronic Arts, popularly known with its abbreviation EA has revealed an official statement saying that it has laid off some portion of its employees. The company and the whole industry is moving through tough times currently which is forcing the companies to take some strategic decisions in order to save the costs. It has been reported that around 350 people from publishing, marketing and some other departments have been laid off by the company. Andrew Wilson, who is the Chief Executive of the company, has an official email to all the affected employees saying that the company aims at improving the overall quality of all the products.

He said that the quality factor of the games is disrupting its hold over the market in Russia as well as Japan. The Japanese video gaming magazine named Famitsu has reported that the company’s office in Japan has been shut down completely. The global employee base of the company constitutes 9000 employees out of which 350 have been laid off. This figure represents almost 3.8% of EA’s total workforce. EA is not the first company in the industry of lay off its employees, the company’s major rival Activision Blizzard has reportedly laid off 800 employees. It accounted nearly 8% reduction in its employee base.

On the contrary, Both Activision blizzard and EA have been in the spot light for their success with some recent games including the Fortnite and the Apex Legends. Activision Blizzard on the other side has even declared record breaking earnings for the year 2018 but the company says it has failed to achieve its targets with full capabilities. Gaming subscriptions along with inside app purchases are forming a major portion of the total revenue generated by those companies. The layoff given by those companies to their employees is considered as the result of some specific mismanagement.

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