Apple Can Learn A Lesson Or 2 From Disney+ Online Streaming Service

Apple Can Learn A Lesson Or 2 From Disney+ Online Streaming Service

During the unveiling of Apple’s live streaming television service, many Hollywood actors have taken the stage including Steve Carrell, Opera Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steven Spielberg. Contrary to this, Apple didn’t showcase any clipping from its streaming service which was a real setback for most of the spectators. There were many questions which had surfaced during the event viz. cost of service, date of launch for public viewing, what type of original content audience would be able to watch, etc.

Contrary to this, Disney had attracted more people during the unveiling of its Disney+ streaming service. Though the company didn’t invite any celebrity, they did take care of every aspect which seems to be a bit important from the perspective of a viewer. The company also featured great videos from movies namely, Lion King: the remake, Frozen 2 and Star Wars.

At present, Disney is offering the streaming video service for about $69.99 on a yearly basis which is way cost economic than Netflix. Disney is planning to spend $1 billion by 2020 and near about $2 billion till 2024.

Like Disney, Apple is also planning to make Apple+, a streaming service, especially for children and family viewing. Furthermore, Apple also prefers that top actors of Hollywood should promote the Apple+. The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs became the shareholder of Disney and had also served in the board of directors till 2011. Jobs had also founded Pixar which was acquired by Disney in 2006.

While speaking to the press, Eric Jackson said that he wonders what if Apple buys Disney before the movie producing giant starts its online streaming services in November 2019. Mr. Jackson further said Apple should have acquired Disney instead of cashing on its dividends as well as buybacks. During an exclusive press interview, Greenfield said that Apple would provide even more cost economic programs in upcoming years.

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