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Samsung Delays Folding Smartphone Launch In China

Samsung was to launch its new smartphone model, beleaguered Galaxy fold on April 26, 2019. The launch has been postponed after the screens of several of these smartphones were found unusable; the phone was in the early-production test. The brand informed on Monday that they will be releasing the phone in the market in the upcoming weeks instead of this Friday.

The primary inspection of the screen issue shows that the phone is having problems with the lower and upper parts which are exposed. Sometimes the substance present inside the smartphone is also the cause of the display problem. Samsung informed that they are using this feedback for further internal research. For this reason they have decided to delay the launch of the product.

Many people have already ordered the Galaxy Fold. Samsung has emailed these buyers informing about the delay and also assuring that they will be kept informed about the next shipment date. The company has decided not to charge the credit cards till the product is shipped. Buyers who have pre- ordered the phone can also ask for cancellation if they do not want to wait for the next shipment. The buyers need to visit to cancel their order.

The delay of the phone was first announced in the Wall Street Journal. The early launch events of Hong Kong and Shanghai have been postponed; this tweet was made on Sunday by Richard Lai. The events were supposed to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

Galaxy Fold comes with a plastic screen. It has a bulge in the screen and the display flickers. These issues have raised a doubt among smartphone users about the durability of this expensive smart gadget. The price of Galaxy Fold is $2000. People are also now skeptical regarding the overall concept of foldable smartphones.

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