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Spire Looks For Advancing Business With The Pentagon

Spire—the firm that operates a constellation of “Cubesats” (that gathers a range of radiofrequency data)—is recruiting an ex-Marine to aid the company in growing its business in the national safety sector. The San Francisco-based firm declared that it has recruited Paul Damphousse to direct its national safety business development responsibility at its Spire Federal business division. Reportedly, Damphousse has spent 22 Years in the Marines working as a space operations officer and pilot, with his final project before his 2011 departure as chief of advanced notions at the former NSSO (National Security Space Office).

He has consequently worked in the industry, most lately at SES Government Solutions, which is the unit of satellite operator SES that functions with the U.S. administration customers. He also worked on the FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration) COMSTAC (Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee). In a statement, Damphousse stated, “I am excited to associate with Spire and to head the company’s development into the critical national safety sector. Spire has set itself as a remarkable leader in the new space domain.” In an interview, Peter Platzer—Chief Executive at Spire—stated the company has hired Damphousse to assist the management to take advantage of what it sees as budding interest from the national safety community in the businesses its satellites provide.

Recently, the Pentagon was in news for requesting $2 Billion for 5 Years for the Space Force. The U.S. DoD (Department of Defense) in a recent time released a proposal for President Donald Trump’s intended Space Force, demanding Congress for $2 Billion to contribute it for the next 5 Years. The plan, sent to Congress, stipulated that 15,000 space-related civilian and military personnel will be shifted from other parts of the Pentagon to the Space Force.

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