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FDA Says Salmonella, Listeria Detected In Ice Cream Plants Post Recalls

US ice makers fell into trouble after the government started investigating the safety related issues of the plants. One of the ice cream makers was asked to stop operations. Due to the investigation 3 other companies proactively recalled their services.

FDA informed that they investigated 89 ice cream manufacturing units located in 32 states. The investigation went on between 2016 and 2017. The investigation led to detection of listeria monocytogenes in 19 manufacturing units. These are known to cause listeriosis. One of the units contained salmonella.

FDA started this investigation in 2016. This was done as in past 3 years 16 ice cream manufacturing units had to be recalled. In 2015 there was a listeriosis outbreak. This was associated with an ice cream manufacturing unit. The outbreak led to 3 fatal incidents. Frank Yiannas, who is the deputy commissioner of FDA, informed that during the investigation they found most of the companies adhering to the food manufacturing laws. Still there were few which violated the law.

According to Frank, the results will be an example for rest of the food manufacturing and selling units the significance of complying with the set rules.

The main aim of this investigation was to check whether the ice cream manufacturing units were obeying the food safety rules. Another objective of the program was to identify the prevalence of different kinds of bacteria in the manufacturing units.

After the investigation, the Working Cow Homemade lost its food facility registration. The company is based out at Florida. The ban was implemented in 2018. FDA removed the ban when the company stopped making ice creams. Now they are engaged in the distribution of ice creams manufactured by other brands. The company previously had voluntarily recalled the services of 2 of its unit. The reason was they suspected the ice-cream prepared at the units was contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.

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