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US May Not Get Any Benefit Out Of The US China Trade Deal

The trade situation between the US and China has been a topsy-turvy road for quite some time now, almost leading to a cold war. However, things have taken a turn towards the better recently with a trade deal imminent between the two countries. According to some analysts and experts though, the US may not stand to benefit anything from the upcoming deal and the announcements of an American win post the agreement is misleading as well.

People who are of the opinion that the equity will be boosted by this move are in for a disappointment. If the past is anything to go by, China has been offhanded in their approach for the past couple of years itself. Of late, America has accused Beijing of a lot of allegations and China has covertly denied all of them. The stealing of intellectual properties, providing subsidies for Chinese industries so that they get an advantage over their competitors and a surge in the transfer of technology to the Chinese firms are a few of the points raised by the American government.

However, all of it was tactfully avoided when the Chinese President Xi Jinping made visits to various countries in the European Union, sealing a deal with Italy about the investments in the infrastructure of Chinese Belt and Road and also getting the benefit of the doubt from France and Germany as far as using Huawei for their 5G services is concerned.

In a speech during the meeting with the EU, Jinping stressed on the fact that China was open to free trades and wanted to develop policies that would make foreign investments more widespread in the country while dealing with the intellectual properties accordingly. The US did not have any attending representatives in the meeting which is indicative that all is not rosy between the two largest democracies and the upcoming trade deal might not make it any better.

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