Fans Of White Wine Demand An Emoji—Report

Fans Of White Wine Demand An Emoji—Report

This is the season of white wine. For this reason, the Vintners and aficionados are again asking for a white wine emoji on their iPhone and android smartphones. Kendall and Jackson, one of the makers of white wine has approached Unicode for the same. This is the agency that permits or rejects the proposals of adding emojis in smartphone applications.

Charles Antin, who is one of the wine auctioneers at the New York City, informed that the absence of a rose or white wine emoji is just like the Mueller Report in this wine business. Everyone looks forward to having such an emoji.

Mark Oldman, who is considered as an expert in wines and is also well known as the writer of “How to Drink Like a Billionaire” stated that this rejection from Unicode is ignorance of some of the most coveted and sought after white wine available around the world. Oldman informed that almost 2 weeks before he was at a wine auction. While tasting Domaine Leflaive Montrachet, which is considered as one of the finest white wines around the world, he wanted to Instagram the moment. As there was no such emoji available on the app, he failed to share his experience. He also commented that while posting for Duckhorn Sauvignon blanc he uses a red wine emoji, it is an insult to the wine lovers.

At present the alcohol emojis include red wine in a wine glass, a tumbler with whiskey, martini with olive and stirrer in a glass and a frothing beer. Ami Opisso, who is the general manager at LiebCellars informed that she and her colleagues often discuss this matter. This winery is based out at Cutchogue of the New York City. She also informed that social media marketing is very important these days. For this reason, whenever they are promoting the Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay or rosé, they lament that there is no rosé or white wine emoji.

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