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FB, Rankwave And Cambridge Analytica; Tales Of Data Misuse

A Korean company is being sued by Facebook for misuse of its data.
As per information gathered from a lawsuit, Facebook has admitted that it didn’t know what kind of personal data had been compromised by Rankwave. This is a company that provides apps for businesses and consumers.

Facebook claims that Rankwave misused its data for marketing and advertising purposes, against its terms. The news was announced on Friday evening. Facebook often issues news of this sort only after Fridays or on public holidays, post market closure.

Features like logging in to other services, quizzes and games can be provided by third party companies which use user data, provided they have obtained consent, as per Facebook’s norms.

However, Rankwave is accused of violating those terms and using data for consulting purposes, aimed at marketing companies and advertisers.

Representatives were not available for a comment. However, after a cease-and-desist order had been sent to Rankwave, the company responded that no such norms were violated.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal last year had caused quite a headache for Facebook. The scandal had compromised information about millions of unwitting users.

The firm, which worked on Donald Trump’s campaign had created a quiz, which when taken, could provide information on users and their friends.

Over 30 apps have been operated on Facebook’s platform by Rankwave between 2010 and 2019. An app that tested a user’s popularity by analyzing interactions with others is one of them.

The investigation began in June; however, it wasn’t until January that Facebook asked Rankwave about possible data misuse allegations.

Facebook claims Rankwave is yet to cooperate with them. Rankwave had been utilizing Facebook’s service till last month. The company’s privileges were suspended on Friday.

By launching the lawsuit, the company intends to send a strong signal to developers regarding non-cooperation, said Jessica Romero, a principal director at Facebook. Ashkan Soltani, who is an expert on privacy issues, is of the opinion that access by third party developers to personal user data carries risks. Facebook’s model in itself is a violation of the statements and duties Facebook issues regarding its consumers.

A fine of $5 billion is expected to be levied on Facebook by the Federal Trade Council, for previous violations.

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