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British MPs To Vote Again On Brexit Deal, Early June

The British PM, Ms. May has decided to give MP’s a second chance to cast vote. The voting on the Brexit deal is expected to happen again in early June irrespective of the settlement of the deal between Labor and the government.

According to Downing Street, the progress of the bill tends to be imperative if UK could leave the EU before the MP’s summer recess. On the other hand, it appears that Labor will not support the bill without it having a cross party deal.

If the plan fails, the Article 50 shall be revoked by the UK or no deal will take place. BBC assistant political editor – Norman Smith says that this is due to the fact that EU won’t give any further extensions beyond 31st October. According to Stephan Barclay who is the secretary of Brexit, the negotiation of the deal that took place between PM and EU will have no meaning if the bill fails to pass. Attempts were made to have a cross party compromises when Mrs. Theresa May’s deal was rejected 3 times by the MPs. Since BBC sources have confirmed that no further attempts are to be made if the bill got rejected again, this is the only chance they’ll ever have.

In 2017, the two parties had made promises in their manifestos to respect the outcomes of the Brexit referendum. A conservative MP and the Brexiteer, Steve Baker question the government on their decision as the passing of the bill can eradicate the government’s majority i.e. DUP MPs.

The backstop is considered to be the controversial part that calls for the withdrawal of the deal. This bill tends to have border open with Ireland only if the UK decides to leave EU without getting an inclusive deal. DUP Westminster leader – Niger Dodds says that unless backstop problem is solved, the bill shall not be passed.

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