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Stuffy Nose Can Be A Likely Effect Of Vaping; Indicates Sheep Study

Are you troubled with a stuffy nose? Have you been vaping lately? If yes, then that might be the reason why you got that stuffy nose. The research in animals has suggested that vaping can make it tougher to clear the nose of mucus, a new study reported. According to the experiments conducted in sheep, the vapor in electronic cigarette could cause the condition called the mucociliary dysfunction which could make it harder to remove the phlegm or mucus. The sheep were chosen as the airways in their body work like the way human airways work.

Vaping is nothing but the process of inhaling and exhaling aerosol, referred as vapor that is created by e-cigarettes or any other similar device. Usually, E-cigarettes don’t produce any smoke, but only aerosol, which is often mistaken as water vapor, which actually contains fine particles. These particles contain different proportions of toxic chemicals.

Mucociliary dysfunction usually occurs in several lung diseases like cystic fibrosis, asthma, and COPD. The researchers have found that vaping nicotine leads to dryness in the airway which makes the mucus stickier.

The report of the sheep study was published on June 7 in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine online. The senior author of the study Dr. Matthias Salathe said in the press release of the journal that vaping with the help of nicotine isn’t harmless as it is commonly assumed by individuals who start vaping. He said that one vaping session could deliver more of the nicotine to our airways than when we smoke one cigarette. Salathe is also the chairman of the internal medicine at the Kansas University Medical Center.

The researchers of the study found that a latest report had showed that youngsters who vape are at higher risk of chronic bronchitis that increases mucus. Salathe said that at least we know that vaping raises the chronic bronchitis’ risk.

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