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Facebook Introducing A Dark Mode To Messenger Users

Facebook has been renovating its Messenger app recently. The firm is slimming itself down to concentrate more on chat. It had promised that it would in due course introduce a dark mode for users. Now, that mode is rolling out, however, there’s an unusual trick the user needs to do to activate it: they have to moon someone.

The trick, marked by Android Police, 9to5Mac, and others, is easy: the user has to send someone, or themselves, a crescent moon emoji. Once they are done with this, in the chat window, a shower of moons comes into view. Then, the user gets a prompt to activate the mode in settings. The user needs to go to their profile page in the app. And it will present them with an option to turn the mode on. Android Police highlights that the mode has seemly not introduced to all. It also highlighted that few people have received a message saying that it is still “a work in progress.”

On a similar note, Facebook is continuously into the news as its complete business model hinges on gathering data and violating users’ privacy. So, it comes as no surprise to know that the firm has been favoring politicians globally to stymie legislation that protects user’s privacy.

Facebook’s leaked in-house documents were reported by The Guardian and Computer Weekly last week. These documents sketch a litany of techniques that the firm was employing its money, power, and influence to control politicians. It includes ex-UK chancellor, ex-prime minister of Ireland, and ex-president of India as well. The leaks demonstrate specific ways that Facebook employed to get on the superior side of politicians and push for positive legislation. It includes lobbying European politicians to settle down on the novel GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as well as telling politicians it would not spend in their countries if they go against Facebook’s aspirations, as per The Guardian.

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